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Heart of a Bad Machine

This song is by Gluecifer and appears on the album Soaring With Eagles At Night To Rise With The Pigs In The Morning (1998).

Trippin' on the heart of the bad machine
Rippin' through the shreds of a lame-o scene
Layin' out the rules whatcha gonna do
Two zero zero zero baby comin' for you

With a danger streak
Just like a teenage freak
And I know I'm blazin' now I'm facin' shitty peak

And I'm dressed in gold
Gonna leave you cold
And I know I move it know I'm groovin' know I'm sold

No godammn' buzzin' I'm so tired of the fuzzin'
Got a pocket full of nothin' and I'm bound for you
It's just a homer, and a way to be a loner, I'm a legendary
Roamer and I'm comin' through

Gonna play the highest stakes
And I'll make it and you'll break
It's just an all or nothin' split
And I'm a gonna be the winner of it

Sold out on mercy I am sorry closin'shop
Forever runnin' urge now and it ain't never gonna stop
With a hint of class I'm gonna rock ya till ya drop
And I'm startin now

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