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There Is But One Light

This song is by Glorior Belli and appears on the album Meet Us At The Southern Sign (2009).

O nothing reveals the Dark of willful eyes,
As in those temples where the Light
Springs forth from Lucifer!

O nothing awakes the thrill of collapsing fields,
As in those shrines where the hymn
Springs forth from our Guide!

O nothing depicts the bright of the Morning Star,
As in those sanctuaries where spells
Spring forth from our chants!

I have made a secret door
Here in the thigh of Gods...
Into the very house of my Mentor

I crawl and wander alone
Here in the cave of Gods.
'O how pale is salvation

Behold, six rays of a dying sun...
Splendors over the unchained self!
Dancing to the madness of the moon

By the blackest nights I weave my spells
And my heart turns out a wicked place
Do tremble! Columns of the Vniverse
For Eternity is in hands of a wrathful Child

For in the Aeon of my Father
There is but One Light!

The Eye of my Father is now opened
The seal is broken up... There is Knowledge!