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What Goes Around

This song is by Gloria Estefan and appears on the album Into The Light (1991).

We go around and lie to one another
Without a second thought
Don't you think we're fooling each other
Like this we can't go on.
No respect or consideration, where has your conscience gone
Take a step in the right direction or this won't last too long


What goes aroung comes around
You got to stand your ground
Be careful what you do or say
Whatever goes around comes around

(verse 2)

Once again you got away with it
Are you happy now
Watch your mouth, don't put your foot back in it
Gets back to you somehow
I must say you tell a good story
Of things I know ain't true
You turn around and say you're sorry
With a straight face attitude


What goes around comes around
You got to stand your ground
Be careful what you say or do
Whatever goes around come around
You got to stand your ground
No matter what road you take
Whatever goes around comes around


Don't underestimate this girl
You will only fool yourself
Are we gonna live with this when there's so much at stake
There's no way we're gonna make it
A change is overdue
Live and learn to loveone another
It's all up to you

repeat chorus

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