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Nayib's Song (I Am Here For You)

This song is by Gloria Estefan and appears on the album Into The Light (1991).

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Nayib's Song (I Am Here For You)
Lately my son I've been confused.
Don't know what to tell you 'cause it's all such bad news.
Lately my son I've been discouraged.
I look around and it fills me with worry.
What kind of world can I offer to you.
Where will it all lead, do we have the sense to make it through?
I've tried to figure it out, to have an answer
I can tell to you
But all I can see, all I can see.

Is I am here for you, and you are here for me.
It's an ongoing process.
I will take care of you and you will take care of me
If we're gonna make some progress.

Lately my son I feel ashamed.
For many things that have happened and are happening again.
Really my son I thought we'd learned.
From what I see around me it's a very tough world.
But all I can hope is that you take it as a challenge.
To create something new that will tak e you far, I know that you can manage.
To scatter some hope, 'cause it's not too late to repair the damage.
The only way it can be, is so easy to see.

Repeat Chorus

You gotta believe, never be afraid to dream.
But follow it through, 'cause it won't get done unless it comes from you.
Gotta make it all work, for the ones that are coming after you.
Though hard it may seem, gotta believe

Repeat Chorus

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