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Close My Eyes

This song is by Gloria Estefan and appears on the album Into The Light (1991).

If I could just close my eyes
See just what I wanted to see.
It would be much easier to live this life,
Thinking that it never really comes down to me.

Sometimes I wanna close my eyes.
So I can't see time while slipping away.
Where all walking a very fine line,
Until reality is somehow thrown in our face.

Bury it deep and maybe you won't feel the pain.
But you can't let it go.
Down the line it will be back again.

If we could all close our eyes
To all the things we know that are wrong
We could live selfishly protected lives
Not even think about what we could have done.

Say it's not there and maybe it will go away.
But the truth is it won't
Down the line it will be back again.

And rather than examine it
I think I better handle it
What good is it to close my eyes
Or tell myself another lie
Gotta get along somehow and sometimes the only way
It's to close my eyes

Sometimes I have to close my eyes
And let you think you can make a fool out of me.
But I set myself up each time
By trusting you so openly yeah
That's the way I wanna be, that's the way I wanna be...

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