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Album by Globus.
  1. Preliator (source track "Lacrimosa")
  2. Mighty Rivers Run (source track "Where Mighty Rivers Run")
  3. Prelude (On Earth as in Heaven) (source track "Prelude")
  4. Spiritus Khayyam (source track "Spiritus Sancte" and "Spiritus Elektros")
  5. La Coronacion (source track "Coronation")
  6. Europa (source track "Electric Romeo")
  7. Diem Ex Dei (source track "Lucius Dei")
  8. Orchard of Mines (source track "Serenata")
  9. Crusaders of the Light (source track "Crusade"
  10. Madre Terra (source track "Holy")
  11. Illumination (source track "Euphrates")
  12. Take Me Away (source track "Armed by Faith")
  13. Sarabande Suite (Aeternae) (source track "Angel Terreste", "Redeemer" and "Strength and Honor")
  14. Porque Te Vas (Globus version)

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