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Something To See

This song is by Glenn Lewis and appears on the album World Outside My Window (2002).

I was thinking you and me
Could start again, fulfil a dream
Read that somewhere we would find
A paradise
Walls of change have clearly fell
Showing loves cry out for help
But if you only try with me
You'd see that we

Should be trying to find a cause
For our own flaws
But know that just to be
WIth you
In a love that's truly free
That could be you and me

And it'd be something to see
'cause you know we're too far gone
To ever be
The same way we've been so long
It'd be something to see
We can make it if we hold on
The way it should be
With love leading us along

A love so beautiful to me
Now's the chance for all to see
All you need is to believe
Love's the key
With peace between us, you and me
Then a crystal city's where we
Could be
Then there'd be no mystery
Just to be free

Only tryin to find a cause
For our own flaws
But know that just to be
With you
And in love is all that was
And should ever be because


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