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This song is by Glenn Lewis and appears on the album World Outside My Window (2002).

1st verse
Look at you now
You really haven't changed
Still as beautiful as the first day we met
But something's different
Doesn't seem so long ago
Amazing how the years can go
When we wanted different things
You wanted a family
I was chasing my dreams
Didn't know what I had back then
How could I, going through the growing pains
Of trying to be a man
I really didn't understand
I took you for granted now it's out of my hands
Now I wish I had to do it over again

'Cause all I do is
Dream about
The times we had together
We used to think
That they would last forever
But who'd of thought
It'd be my fault we didn't make it
And when I'm missing you so much that I can't take it
I just close my eyes, I just close my eyes and
Dream, Ah

2nd verse
Don't know what I had thought
I really figured out
Looking back I had no clue
What it was all about
Tried to explain what I was feeling
But when I couldn't get through
I would just turn around
And get mad at you
Frustrated now knowing the reasons
For the things I'd do
Couldn't say just why you and I
Were falling apart and humble my drifting heart
Now I can clearly see
How things ended up because of me
But if this is how it's supposed to be
Then I'll just...

Looking back on yesterday
How we were so deeply in love
Wishing it could be that way again
But even if it can't be
And we remain just friends
All I have to do is...

Repeat chorus to fade

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