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You're The One That I Want

This song is by Glee Cast and appears on the television soundtrack The Music, Presents Glease (2012).

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I got chills, they're multiplyin'
And I'm losin' control
'Cause the power you're supplyin'
It's electrifyin'!

You better shape up (Doo doo doo)
'Cause I need a man (Doo doo doo)
But my heart is set on you (Doo doo doo, and my heart is set on you)
You better shape up (Doo doo doo)
You better understand (Doo doo doo)
To my heart I must be true (Doo doo doo)

Nothin' left, nothin' left for me to do (Doo doo doo)
You're the one that I want (You are the one I want)
Ooh, ooh, ooh, honey
The one that I want

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