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My Cup

This song is by Glee Cast and appears on the television soundtrack The Music, the Complete Season Two (2012).

Brittany (Artie)
I got you in the palm of my hand
Wanna put somethin' hot in you
So hot that you can't stand
(And you can't stand)

Gonna take you to my lips
Empty out every last drop
So thirsty for what's in you, baby
That I can't stop
(That I can't stop)

In the middle of the night, I'm in bed alone
Don't care if you're glass, paper, Styrofoam
When I need some water, baby

Both or gin
You're the only thing I wanna put them in

My cup, my cup
I'm sayin' what's up to my cup, my cup
More of a friend than a silly pup
My cup, you know what it is
I'm sayin' what's up to my cup, ahh
I'm sayin' what's up to my cup, ahh
I'm sayin' what's up to my cup, ahh

Written by:

James S. Levine, Ian Brennan

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