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Glasvegas (2008)Edit

Glasvegas - Glasvegas
  1. Flowers & Football Tops
  2. Geraldine
  3. It's My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry
  4. Lonesome Swan
  5. Go Square Go
  6. Polmont on My Mind
  7. Daddy's Gone
  8. Stabbed
  9. S.A.D. Light
  10. Ice Cream Van
Bonus tracks on US release
  1. The Prettiest Thing on Saltcoats Beach
  2. Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime
Bonus tracks on Japan release
  1. The Prettiest Thing on Saltcoats Beach
  2. A Little Thing Called Fear

A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like a Kiss) (2008)Edit

Glasvegas - A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like A Kiss)
A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like a Kiss)
  1. Careful What You Wish For
  2. Fuck You, It's Over
  3. Cruel Moon
  4. Please Come Back Home
  5. A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like a Kiss)
  6. Silent Night/Noapte De Vis

Euphoric Heartbreak (2011)Edit

Euphoric Heartbreak
  1. Pain Pain, Never Again
  2. The World Is Yours
  3. You
  4. Shine Like Stars
  5. Whatever Hurts You Through the Night
  6. Stronger Than Dirt (Homosexuality, Pt. 2)
  7. Dream Dream Dreaming
  8. I Feel Wrong (Homosexuality, Pt. 1)
  9. Euphoria, Take My Hand
  10. Lots Sometimes
  11. Change

Other SongsEdit

  1. Acrobat
  2. All I Want Is My Baby
  3. Daddys Gone
  4. Euphoria Take My Hand
  5. Pain Pain Never Again
  6. Stronger Than Dirt

Additional information

Band members:
  • James Allan - vocals, guitar (2003-)
  • Rab Allan - guitar (2003-)
  • Paul Donoghue - bass (2003-)
  • Jonna Löfgren - drums (2010-)
Former members:
  • Caroline McKay - drums (2005-2010)
  • Ryan Ross - drums (2003-2004)
Record labels:

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