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The Times We've Shared (Forever Family)

This song is by Glasseater and appears on the album Glasseater (2002).

"For what it's worth, I'll sacrifice it all to know you're still here.
So what if the mark on your skin has faded away?
Your heart, your personality, and most importantly,
Your friendship's what's been sincere.
Do you remember the times we've shared?
Can you sit back and smile knowing the things we've experienced,
People we've met, friends we've made, family we've become...
Everyone is changing; there's very few that are real.
Just because you've lost the edge doesn't mean you've become a shadow.
There's so much more to a family
Than a label we individually choose to live by,
And hopefully you know that I won't turn my back on you...
Not ever, not this time.
Not ever, not this time.
We said it in the beginning, and I'll say it again,
I'll make sure it stays in your head...
This family is forever."