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Shortcut for a Quick Getaway

This song is by Glasseater and appears on the album Everything Is Beautiful When You Don'T Look Down (2003).

Sometimes old habits die hard and I don't know
How I've managed to live like this but I have
It's a lust for the spur at the moment
It makes me content
If I could change it I would
The problem solver was cut short
Shortcut for a quick getaway
It's always easier to ask for
Forgiveness than to ask for permission
Too many lips have graced me
And at times I'm OK with that
Then again at times I'm dying to kiss your lips once more
I wish I could find a peace to this war
If I could put my weapons down I would
And too many times I've had to suffer
I've had to feel what it is like to be at war with myself
To be at war with your love
To be at war without your love

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