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Polar Opposites

This song is by Glasseater and appears on the album Glasseater (2002).

"so let me knock on this wood once more.
i hope karma doesn't exist, because if it does,
i'll be feeling it real soon on my hands and knees.
previous adventures in this type of story seem to feel the same...
cold and heartless, no emotions put in, just a game.
yet with you, it's a complete different book
polar opposites.
full of wonderful emotions...
in the past i've hurt so much,
it only seems fair for me to get crushed.
but i'm crossing my fingers, i won't lose what i have.
you've turned a stone into an emerald, you've made me forget the past.
they say nothing lasts forever, but i really hope this lasts
but i've heard...whatever you do in life
will follow you around forever."

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