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This song is by Glasseater and appears on the album Glasseater (2002).

Let me start by saying thank you
In the past, we've all had our mistakes
Cause I've crushed a lot of hearts
But only because mine's been stomped to the ground way before

The only medicine i ever needed was you

So i figured i'd set up a wall, a barrier
And cast away any joy of ever being with someone...
And when i thought that because of my actions i would suffer the penalty of being alone...
You come along...

The only medicine i ever needed was you

Kisses heard throughout the night...
Your sweat dripping down my lips...
Feeling blessed being entrapt in your arms...
All the wrong in my life dissapears when i'm with you

I want to breath you in
As long as I can go
I want to breath us out
I want to wake up and be everything with you

The only medicine I ever needed was you