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Everything Is Beautiful When You Don't Look Down

This song is by Glasseater and appears on the album Everything Is Beautiful When You Don'T Look Down (2003).

our world is a strange place...
escape this mental prison...
encompassed by bright lights "fast life"
giant-like buildings leaving their...
shadows to cover up...
the true way life...
beyond the brainwashed...
right past the walking dead...
underneath the nice view...
there are lies...
should i pretend that i'm blind...
to the hardships going on in this life...
not anymore...
everything's beautiful when you don't look down
awareness brings wholeness
undress this world's outer skin
i'll wake up to reality
and see this world in disbelief
reality in the eyes of the unblind
its life through true observance
let's wake up to reality
and see this world through me
there is so much out there to
see when you read between
thin lines, but most
of the time there's
nothing we can do

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