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Children's Fantasy

This song is by Glass Harp and appears on the album Glass Harp (1970).

Original video
There she stands, her eyes to the sky,
I see a girl sent by the breeze.
She is wearing a blue-yellow satin
And looks as though she's easy to please.
Now I want so much to meet her,
I should before the time slips away.
Her name I'd ask while I would greet her,
And say it's such a beautiful day.
We can climb a dirty mountain,
And still our hands be clean.
Running underneath a rainbow,
A children's fantasy.
We walked along, our hearts full of gladness,
We talked about the much younger days.
The happy times, and then there was sadness
And times we're bored and then be amazed.
We climbed the dirty mountain, yeah,
Running underneath a rainbow,
A children's fantasy
A children's fantasy
A children's fantasy

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