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Where Sorrows Died And Came No More

This song is by Glass Hammer and appears on the album Perilous (2012).

All fear was fled
In the dead of night you came
Shining light on the pathway ahead

The stones that had weighed me down
Were but crumbling all around
From the shadows we were swiftly sped

I could see the Truth,
And at once we raced
From the darkness to light
Leaving a weary world far behind

I could see the truth, and at once
I saw those who waited for me
And free from the Perilous Realm
I could find peace at last

The storms of life they came
As we made our way toward home
And foes, they rose to strike us down

These are not the Truth,
Though they threaten
They are soon swallowed by Time,
And matter not when the end is come

Oh love of mine, the trial is past!
We may dance once more
Beneath the gaze of Him we sought
For the gate has closed behind us
And we're gathered home at last!

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