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We Slept, We Dreamed

This song is by Glass Hammer and appears on the album Perilous (2012).

So long ago it was
'Neath fragrant bowers we met
Like pillars, oak and elm rose
Towering over our heads
And spring was nigh

In youth we were heedless,
Reckless and in love
Throwing care to the wind
Never noticing
Time meanced all
And all we held dear
So we dance in moonlight
'Neath starry skies
As gentle winds were stirred

Time could not catch us,
We dancers in twilight
For as swift as deer
We ran from him
For being young
We saw not that he would win
The Truth!
We could not see the Truth!
Straight as an arrow
We flew to him
He ran not behind
But before us

Years, how they fled
And we were left,
Two wanderers
Roaming lost 'mid the trees
And the shadows that we'd made
Were following, ever following
Weary of dancing now,
The race was over
For youth was spent
And we could not change
All that was done

Time can seem
Such a bitter thing
For this is the song
He sang to us...

Curses you wrought and death pursued
In countless ways a doom you wooed
And it's left you here at last alone,
All alone

Wake now! Rise now!
There remains a light ahead
And I see it!
It leads homeward
Where Time can't follow
Time can't touch us
Sleep, he bid us sleep
Amid the stones we lay
He left us here

Sorrow heaped on sorrow
Yet beneath this crushing weight
We'll struggle through

It matters not what horrors
He may thrust on us
To weigh us down
He must not be given the final say

We'll loose the chains he's place on us
And head for home
His comrades gather close,
They are the Shadows of Regret;
They loom, we fall

Ex sepulchro atro gemimus
Pallidi trementes per frigus
Corda immota tamen errant
Curis anxa perpetuo
Inexpleta nam ardant

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