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Toward Home We Fled

This song is by Glass Hammer and appears on the album Perilous (2012).

Sunlight will flood the twilight dales
Through which we race, the twisting trails
Are lit at last as morning breaks.

We two have passed the nighted vales
'Twixt Time and Light wherein the wails
Of misty foes are heard no more
They hold no sway here
May sunlight ever shine upon our way

Time wounded me, wounded you
Sorrows heaped upon our heads
Haunter of our hearts
Murdered every joy
Left his taint upon us
Grim and unrelenting, Time
We knew,
The hunter ever in pursuit
Without a word he turns away
Back to his world of stony mounds,
The graves of shattered dreams
He goes, weeping

Past the sunlit meadows up ahead
There's yet one hurdle that we dread
Yet once beyond it we'll be free
And free we'll face the mystery
And free we've rid ourselves of doubt
A home that calls out to me
Lies beyond that final step

Time wounded me, wounded you
Horrors heaped upon our heads
When life got hard you stood with me
The road of sorrow wound ahead
And hope seemed lost
Our heads hung low
And hand in hand we'd not let go

There is a higher place
I see it up ahead
Familiar it beckons me
There is the home we ever sought
A place for us
Our dreams
Once shattered have gathered
To welcome us
They've sheltered there
And wait for me
They wait for thee

For this, we fought
Through Hell and back
And now at last just up ahead
A friendly fire, a table laid,
A place to lay our weary heads
To rest, then wake to sing,
To play, to dance,
It's waiting just ahead
We race toward the rising sun

Farther, sometimes it seems farther
Distant, it fades from our view
There's Death between us
And the place we're seeking
For a curse has fallen and
We never know the final gasp
That will finalize
Our doom harbors Death
He will have his say,
Our doom that we will face;
Each one of us
Yet weary travelers
Of the moral plane
Have hope of Heaven's realm
I saw it once, I felt it there
And all that it implied

I can see the way ahead
Past stones that bear the names
Of those who went before us
They were left in darkness long ago
We dare not dwell among them
We are called beyond to Heaven!

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