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Come On, Come On

This song is by Glass Hammer and appears on the album Three Cheers For The Brokenhearted (2009).

Come on, Come on, Come on
It's time to get things started
Time to see the show
Three cheers for the broken-hearted

Come on, come on
There's room to squeeze you in
We cue the lights to ten
See, the actor's on the stage
He play's a fool, he plays a sage
He's one mighty talented fellow
He goes on and on and on and on and on

He's got something that may scare you
Secrets never shared
Of passions set to snare you

Come on, come on
Dreams that he's been dreaming
Were only meant for me
The things that haunt his mind
Are thus unique in kind
And filled with sorrow
Strange the meadows he must roam
Ever searching, ever dreaming of home

Come on, Come on, Come on
We fear but we must follow
Bravely as we cross
Each stream or dusky hollow

Come on, come on
It's only just begun
He'll lead us toward the sun
Though shadows flock and stare
They cannot face the glare
And his songs may set them to fleeing
He goes on and on and on and on and on
Seeking home, seeking home, seeking home...