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This song is by Gladyss Patches and appears on the album A Wish This Simple (2001).

Black the tape this time
'Cause heads are gonna roll
Where the fuck's my rep?
I've tossed it out the window
Let it go and take the hint
A bad taste in my mouth and
Nowhere to spit it
A tease in her G's and the sleaze in the bar
Chasing down that dream
To see her name like a superstar
Turn those bills to pills in a trade so slow

Now don't you feel sick
Dead is the mind you know
A shell to the world you show
Dirty and alone

I tell you to come (come) now don't you dare listen
Exhibition of shame, a mission
Got a steal of a deal only to rate
You're panting like a sick little prick
But couldn't penetrate
Locked like a detox, 28 days
Giving guys a raise and eyes a glaze
You're lighting up like a fire to a blaze so slow

If I could only recognize the monster you became
I've heard all the promises and all the lies you demonstrate
And let it go

Why? You gotta act this way
And that's why
You won't ever be the same

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