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Found in the Ground: The Winter EP (2003)Edit

Girls In Hawaii - Found In The Ground- The Winter EP
Found in the Ground: The Winter EP
  1. Found in the Ground
  2. Ride
  3. Bees & Butterflies (Down)
  4. Dead Birds Song
  5. My Cat's Dying

From Here to There (2004)Edit

Girls In Hawaii - From Here To There
From Here to There
  1. 9.00 AM
  2. Short Song for a Short Mind
  3. Time to Forgive the Winter
  4. Casper
  5. Found in the Ground
  6. The Ship on the Sea
  7. The Fog
  8. Fontanelle
  9. Flavor
  10. Organeum
  11. Bees & Butterflies (Down)
  12. Catwalk/Joking About My Life

Plan Your Escape (2008)Edit

Girls In Hawaii - Plan Your Escape
Plan Your Escape
  1. This Farm Will End Up in Fire
  2. Sun of the Sons
  3. Bored
  4. 5.20.22
  5. Shades of Time
  6. Fields of Gold
  7. Couples on TV
  8. Colors
  9. Birthday Call
  10. Road to Luna
  11. Summer Storm
  12. Plan Your Escape
Bonus tracks on Europe release
  1. Coral
  2. Grasshopper

Misses EP (2013)Edit

  1. Misses
  2. Misses remix by Cupp Dave
  3. Dirty Sands
  4. Words Are In The Woods

Additional information

Band members:
  • Christophe Léonard
  • Daniel Offermann
  • Brice Vancauwenberghe
  • Lionel Vancauwenberghe
  • Antoine Wielemans
Former members:
  • Denis Wielemans
Record labels:

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