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Sound Of The Underground (2003)Edit

  • Original

Sound of the Underground original cover

  1. Sound Of The Underground
  2. No Good Advice
  3. Some Kind Of Miracle
  4. All I Need (All I Don't)
  5. Life Got Cold
  6. Mars Attack
  7. Stop
  8. Girls Allowed
  9. Forever And A Night
  10. Love/Hate
  11. Boogie Down Love
  12. Don't Want You Back
  13. White Lies
  14. Love Bomb (UK bonus track)
  15. Everything You Ever Wanted (UK bonus track)
  • Re-issue

Sound of the Underground re-issue cover

  1. Sound Of The Underground
  2. No Good Advice
  3. Life Got Cold
  4. Jump
  5. Some Kind Of Miracle
  6. All I Need (All I Don't)
  7. Mars Attack
  8. You Freak Me Out
  9. Girls Allowed
  10. Forever And A Night
  11. Love/Hate
  12. Boogie Down Love
  13. Stop
  14. White Lies
  15. Girls On Film (UK bonus track)

What Will The Neighbours Say? (2004)Edit


What Will the Neighbours Say?

  1. The Show
  2. Love Machine
  3. I'll Stand By You
  4. Jump
  5. Wake Me Up
  6. Deadlines & Diets
  7. Big Brother
  8. Hear Me Out
  9. Graffiti My Soul
  10. Real Life
  11. Here We Go
  12. Thank Me Daddy
  13. I Say A Prayer For You (UK bonus track)
  14. 100 Different Ways (UK bonus track)

Chemistry (2005)Edit

  • CD1 (Standard)


  1. Intro
  2. Models
  3. Biology
  4. Wild Horses
  5. See The Day
  6. Watch Me Go
  7. Waiting
  8. Whole Lotta History
  9. Long Hot Summer
  10. Swinging London Town
  11. It's Magic
  12. No Regrets (UK bonus track)
  13. Racy Lacey (UK bonus track)
  14. The Show (Australian version)
  15. I'll Stand By You (Australian version)
  • CD2 (Ltd. Edition Christmas CD)

Chemistry Christmas cover

  1. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday
  2. I Wanna Kiss You So (Christmas In A Nutshell)
  3. Jingle Bell Rock
  4. Not Tonight Santa
  5. White Christmas
  6. Count The Days
  7. Christmas Round At Ours
  8. Merry Xmas Everybody

The Sound of Girls Aloud: The Greatest Hits (2006)Edit

Girls Aloud - The Sound Of Girls Aloud- The Greatest Hits

The Sound of Girls Aloud: The Greatest Hits

  1. Sound of the Underground
  2. Love Machine
  3. Biology
  4. No Good Advice
  5. I'll Stand By You
  6. Jump
  7. The Show
  8. See the Day
  9. Wake Me Up
  10. Life Got Cold
  11. Something Kinda Ooooh
  12. Whole Lotta History
  13. Long Hot Summer
  14. Money
  15. I Think We're Alone Now
  16. Biology (iTunes live bonus track)
The Sound Of Girls Aloud2

The Sound of Girls Aloud rarities CD

  • CD2 (Ltd. Ed. Rarities CD):
  1. No Good Advice (Explicit Version)
  2. Wake Me Up (Demo)
  3. I Predict a Riot (Live)
  4. Sound of the Underground (Extended Performance Version)
  5. Hanging on the Telephone (studio demo)
  6. Loving Is Easy
  7. Singapore (Chemistry out take)
  8. Sacred Trust (studio demo)

Tangled Up (2007)Edit

  • Standard Edition
Girls Aloud - Tangled Up

Tangled Up

  1. Call the Shots
  2. Close to Love
  3. Sexy! No No No...
  4. Girl Overboard
  5. Can't Speak French
  6. Black Jacks
  7. Control of the Knife
  8. Fling
  9. What You Crying For
  10. I'm Falling
  11. Damn
  12. Crocodile Tears
  • Fan Edition
    • Exclusive artwork
    • Signed postcards
Girls Aloud - Tangled Up - Fan Edition

Tangled Up fan edition

  1. Call the Shots
  2. Close to Love
  3. Sexy! No No No...
  4. Girl Overboard
  5. Can't Speak French
  6. Black Jacks
  7. Control of the Knife
  8. Fling
  9. What You Crying For
  10. I'm Falling
  11. Damn
  12. Crocodile Tears

Mixed Up (2007)Edit

Girls Aloud - Mixed Up

Mixed Up

Mixed Up is a limited edition bonus CD of remixes. It was available from Woolworth's with the purchase of Tangled Up.

  1. The Show (Tony Lemezma Club Mix}
  2. No Good Advice (Doublefunk Vocal Mix)
  3. I Think We're Alone Now (Tony Lamezma Baubletastic Mix)
  4. Sexy! No No No... (Tony Lamezma's 'Yes Yes Yes' Mix)
  5. Something Kinda Ooooh (Tube City Remix)
  6. Wake Me Up (Tony Lamezma's Love Affair)
  7. Jump (Almighty Vocal Mix)
  8. Biology (Tony Lamezma Mix)

Out of Control (2008)Edit

Girls Aloud - Out of Control

Out of Control

  1. The Promise
  2. The Loving Kind
  3. Rolling Back the Rivers in Time
  4. Love Is the Key
  5. Turn to Stone
  6. Untouchable
  7. Fix Me Up
  8. Love Is Pain
  9. Miss You Bow Wow
  10. Revolution in the Head
  11. Live in the Country
  12. We Wanna Party

Ten (2012)Edit

Girls Aloud - Ten


  1. Something New
  2. The Promise
  3. The Loving Kind
  4. Untouchable
  5. Sexy! No No No...
  6. Call the Shots
  7. Can't Speak French
  8. Something Kinda Ooooh
  9. Biology
  10. The Show
  11. Love Machine
  12. I'll Stand by You
  13. Jump
  14. No Good Advice
  15. Sound of the Underground
  16. On the Metro
  17. Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me
  18. Every Now and Then


  1. Girls Aloud Megamix (Something Kinda Ooooh)
  2. Musical Medley (Fame/What A Feeling/Footloose) (2006, performed on Chemistry Tour)
  3. Walk This Way (with Sugababes) (2007 Comic Relief charity single)
  4. Dirty Dancing Medley (Do You Love Me/She's Like The Wind/Time Of My Life) (2007, performed on Greatest Hits Tour)
  5. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (2007, performed on Friday Night Project Xmas Special)
  6. Push It (2008, performed on Tangled Up Tour)
  • B-Sides
  1. Stay Another Day (Sound Of The Underground)
  2. On A Round (No Good Advice)
  3. Lights, Music, Camera, Action (Life Got Cold)
  4. Grease (Jump)
  5. Androgynous Girls (Love Machine)
  6. History (Wake Me Up)
  7. Nobody But You (Biology)
  8. I Don't Really Hate You (See The Day)
  9. Crazy Fool (Whole Lotta History)
  10. Teenage Dirtbag (Live At Carling Apollo) (Whole Lotta History)
  11. The Crazy Life (Something Kinda Ooooh)
  12. Why Do It? (I Think We're Alone Now)
  13. Dog Without A Bone (Sexy! No No No)
  14. Rehab (Live Lounge) (Call the Shots)
  15. Blow Your Cover (Call the Shots)
  16. Hoxton Heroes (Can't Speak French)
  17. Je Ne Parle Pas Francais (Can't Speak French)
  18. With Every Heartbeat (Live Lounge) (Can't Speak French)
  19. She (The Promise)
  20. Memory Of You (The Loving Kind)
  21. It's Your Dynamite (Untouchable)
  • Compilations
  1. Grease (ITV's Grease Mania)
  2. Hopelessly Devoted To You (ITV's Grease Mania)
  3. I'm Every Woman (ITV's Disco Mania)
  4. Love Machine (Demo) (Popjustice: 100% Solid Pop Music compilation)
  5. Teenage Dirtbag (Radio 1. Established 1967)
  6. Theme To St. Trinian's (St. Trinian's soundtrack)
  7. On My Way To Satisfaction (St. Trinian's soundtrack)

Popstars: The RivalsEdit

  • Cheryl
  1. Baby, Now That I Found You
  2. You're Still The One
  3. Nothing Compares 2 U
  4. Right Here Waiting
  • Kimberley
  1. Baby Can I Hold You
  2. Unbreak My Heart
  3. Emotion
  4. Chain Reaction
  • Nadine
  1. Show Me Heaven
  2. Fields Of Gold
  3. When I Fall In Love
  4. I Wanna Dance With Somebody
  • Nicola
  1. River Deep, Mountain High
  2. Shout
  3. Wind Beneath My Wings
  4. I'm So Excited
  • Sarah
  1. Build Me Up Buttercup
  2. Anyone Who Had A Heart
  3. I'll Be There
  4. Holding Out For A Hero
  • Group
  1. We Are Family (final ten)
  2. That's What Friends Are For (final nine)
  3. Independent Women (final seven)
  4. Love Shack (final six)

Other SongsEdit

  1. Last Man Standing
  2. No Good Advice (Clean Edit)
  3. Rehab (Live Lounge)
  4. Temptation
  5. Walk This Way

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