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Nouveau Sourire

This song is by Giorgia and appears on the album Ladra Di Vento (2003).

Terra di dolore cielo di tempesta
mare alzati a coprire
la follia degli uomini
cuore hai tradito la tua origine di bene
solo per desiderare possedere e uccidere
you must realize
I must realize
this world
is dying
crying, dying
pour le temps qui doit venir
pour la vie qui veut jouer
pour l'amour qui doit fleurir
donne - moi un nouveau sourire
I can see the sun and the trees
the love that we have
and the hate that we bring
I can see the fear that we feed
the power we want
the peace that we need!
I can see the time that we have
to be brothers and sisters
like it's meant to be

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