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Our First Born

This song is by Ginuwine and appears on the album senior (2003).

Now you made me the proudest daddy,
Girl I'm at lost for words,
Can't explain the feelings in me,
So proud when I heard ehat we were having a little baby,
GirlI couldn't wipe off my smile,
Heaven went and told the world that you were having my child
Words can't explain it

Our first-born
it's our first, it's our first
Our first , it's our first little baby
Come on
Our First-born
it's our first, it's our first
Our first-born, it's our first little baby
Come on

When you had it something went through me
and it hit my soul
I had no control, tis little life was mine
and i'll do anything to protect it
I will never neglect it, I will always stand right there
I'm the daddy, I'm the father
Now what that means is I will always love and care
for you always
come on say it again
I'm the daddy, I'm the father
I just can't explain how I feel about our first


I'm so proud that we share, I'm so proud that we share
the most precious thing in the world
that you could love and share
Baby I love you, yes I do
Baby do you feel me, Do you hear me
do you hear me

Chorus 2

Chorus 1

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