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How Does Your Heart Forget

This song is by Ginuwine and appears on the album Elgin (2011).

Yo ahuh ahuh I said yo ahuh ahuh this is a remix made by me damn I'm so clean I ain't know Ginuwine's song but I can tell yu that he sting like a bee I don't know his flow know his roll as yu see me yu might all just blow I rap my own raps and do my own thang I can't sing but I am higher than the trees as I walk around I can see all the grams for free that they hand me yeah imah gurl (you are you are?) but damn that don't change a thang I spit on my own time and I am so fine when I'm on the track if yu here from me don't hold back tell me how yu feel and we might just get along I am fame as I write my own songs what's that? why are yu dippin' all I'm doing is just spittin' without flippin' so hold up and hear what I gottah say I am young, man I'm only 16 years old I think I'm clean when I make a scene yeah imah wild gurl and I like to play tell me when yu play football so I can beat some boys' HEY! haha haha yeah haha all right now yu can go I can see yur ready to blow so go on home and cry like a gurl as I stay here and write some more songs

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