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How Deep Is Your Love

This song is by Ginuwine and appears on the album Life (2001).

Chorus: 2 times

How deep is your love let's get serious
How deep is your love I'am so curious
How deep is your love can I fall in it
How deep is your love can I get close to it

We've kicked it for a little while you know I think that it is time for us to
Move ahead
We have both been patient and that's cool and all but I am in need and you don't
Even seem to care
We have been is slow mo never swong an episode so what's a man to do stay or go
Cheat on you
Tell me baby what are you so scared of
I'll be gentle when I am making love to you

Chorus: 2 times

There ain't a thing that you can't get from me wheather its ice money come what
I did everything that you asked of me but you must simply do not feel the same
How longer do you need can't you easily see that I am the one for you tell me
What should I do
Who ever hurt you made it raw for me
I am me you are you he was he

Chorus: 2 times

This love can go unspoken
You've got me wishing hoping
You must make you choice now
We've been through it all before and now
Its time we make that move now
Somewhere someway and somehow
Lets not play little games

I did everything that you asked of me

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