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X - Man

This song is by Gina.

Baby, baby now we are trough
The day you laid your hands on me
I thought that we would always be friends
But this abuse just had to end

Take all the gifts you bought me back
Don't want them, my love was for free
You're crazy if you think I will stay
I don't want you back
You need to leave

Cause I'm over the ex man
And I'm on the next man
Tread my like the lady I am
Or you loose me, loose me, loose me you will loose
Cause I'm over the ex man
And I'm on the next man
Tread my like the lady I am
Or I find another man that can

I deserve much more than you
I faild to hear what my heart knew
You lied to me about what you do
Your mind (?) is dirty and so are you
Control my like your property
Show me off like a peace of meat
I've had it and nothing's stopping me (?)
I'm leaving, yes, you'd bought monkey (?)


Girls, girls, girls why do we always want a bad boy?
You've gotta learn, learn, learn that you can't change who they are
Bad, bad boys why do you always want a good girl?
Someone who's nice and sweet
We can get naughty in the sheets


And over the ex man'
And I'm on to the next man' (x2)

Can you see it boy?
You better treat me like a lady
Can you see it boy?
Oh' Yeah'
On to the next man'

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