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Ugly Town

This song is by Gill Landry and appears on the album The Ballad Of Lawless Soirez (2007).

Well, I just don't know why
Or how you could think I should be satisfied
Watching you getting no storm
But I know you'll find somebody new
To take your drunk ass home

I don't care what Bill or Jason knows
This ain't had the place it wishes it was
Now I'm simply tired of hanging round
So I'm leaving in the morning
You and your ugly town is burning
Ain't coming back as I found out it's burning down

I won't apologize for not giving a damn
All the cynical bastards you know that I am
I'm just gonna walk out the door
Just can't find a scissor hanging around
You and this twisted big resting breathing ground anymore


Written by:

Gill Landry

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