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Lawless Soirez

This song is by Gill Landry and appears on the album The Ballad Of Lawless Soirez (2007).

Lying in my bed, got no dreams in my head
But haven't been dragged across the floor
Waiting for the sun buried on the ocean
For what feels like ten thousand years or more

I have seen the mountain and I've walked the valleys
I've been through the cities and I've walked the alleys
On a summer evening with the raccoons grieving
I've seen the cold darkness

I was young and bold falling in love with barmaids
Out on cemetery road
My pockets lined with gold, waiting for the crusades
To leave this helpless world alone

I look from flesh and bone on the place that I call home
Standing in the ruins of downtown
Iron lace, haunted street, it should heal as God made me
But there's nothing than important to me now

I was born a rambler, I guess I always will
Once you get the habit you just can't stand still
But now I'm older shovel, running like the devil
On my hind legs in the sun

There were many times I wish that I'd stay
But I know I can't go on
And I tried to stay in time but time slips away
Now I'm out here on my own

When you're poor without a dream this whole world keeps getting mean
And happiness is just a word you know
If in a world of pain on ten thousand miles of railroad train
It doesn't really matter where I go

Across the states by moonlight I often wonder
If they'll ever hang me for all the love I stole
Oh, Mr.Organ Grinder, please tell me where to find her
Oh, Lady Luck just dropped me cold

Sometimes I'm lost, sometimes I'm driven
Sometimes I know not where to run
They're going to bury me on some forgotten morning
Until then I have no home


Written by:

Gill Landry

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