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This song is by Gill Landry and appears on the album The Ballad Of Lawless Soirez (2007).

With our arms 'round each other, drinking Dixie in the gutter
Waiting for the sunrise again
Watching all the streets cars, tourist and cigar parks
Drinking Martini's and Gin

You tell some stories, we both tell some lies
Under the pale black skies
Never now and then we'll be here again
In the gutter drinking Dixie my friend

All the people we meet, playing music in the streets
Singing the cocaine blues till dawn
We talk and spend big down at the Blind Pick
For one more round and a song

Passing our time with whiskey and wine
Women that never stayed long
Some came from France, some came from Chance
But the best came from the mid-west

We traveled down rivers, we traveled down roads
We traveled down, broke through the rain and the snow
Leaned on the shoulders of highways, but abused us like friends
We caught those trains just like disease
With our heads in the clouds and our hearts on its knees
Looking for something that we may never find

Jake had to ramble to call he could handle
All he know is just bound to die
Sometimes I'm missing mostly I don't
Sometimes I break down, ask why

Why are things this way, what makes things that way
Which way if anyway is right
Well, I'm along with my friends, I'm down in my sin
In the gutter drinking Dixie again


Written by:

Gill Landry

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