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This song is by Gill Landry and appears on the album The Ballad Of Lawless Soirez (2007).

You know it sets my nerves on fire
To think of your creepy desire
And to know that you're a liar
Says you love me too

I used to dream of distant places
Far from all these distant faces
Just me and you in a bungalow for two, Anjolie

There is so much I can take
And even less that I can give
Though if it weren't for your sake
May never have wished I never lived

For all the things we might have done
Underneath the fore noon sun
Walking arm in under the twisted streets
Of La Roche or Rue Peiree, Anjolie

Once upon a time you used to be my one and only
Though it was only
But few years that you're lied
That you found some one new, he made you blue

Then you told me how you're crying
That how you wished I would come back one more time
Well, I thought I would but now I won't
Because I used to care but now

I'm on a gravy boat to Paris
Sounds like something to do
I'll hang around some Paris terrace
Imagining I'm somewhere new

And I will dream of distant places
Far from all these twisted faces
And all the things that used to be
Will be nothing but a memory, Anjolie


Written by:

Gill Landry

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