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Will I Do?

This song is by Gilbert O'Sullivan and appears on the album Piano Foreplay (2003).

Everybody needs somebody
You need someone too
If you can't find him and you've looked real hard
Will I will I do

Forget that big hunk pumping iron
He's no good it's true
You need someone whose ribs sticking out
Will I will I do?

If I had the choice not to make a choice
Then what choice is this
If I had your nerve on a windy day
I'd blow you a kiss

We all need someone that we respect
Who we can look up to
If I put shoes on to increase my height
Will I will I do?

If I had to choose between black and white
I would go for green
Is impossible not impossible not if you can dream

I'm not rich like those other types
Go to work by tube
But I'm made in Ireland not Taiwan
Will I will I do?

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