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On A Tree By A River

This song is by Gilbert and Sullivan and appears on the album The Mikado (1985).

<The First verse as per my memory from 40+ years ago only.>
On a tree by a river a little tom Tit,
Sang; "Willow, tit-willow, tit-willow".
And I said to him; "dickie-bird why do you sit,
Singing willow, tit-willow, tit-willow?"
"Is it weakness of intellect, birdie" I cried,
"Or a rather tough worm in your little insides?"
With a shake of his poor little head he decried;
"Oh willow, tit-willow, tit-willow.">

he slapped at his chest as he sat on that bough, "oh willow, tit-willow, tit-willow." and a cold perspiration bespangled his brow, "oh willow, tit-willow, tit-willow" he sobbed, and he sighed and a gurgle he gave, then he plunged himself into a billow-y wave... and an echo arose from the suicide's grave "oh willow, tit-willow, tit-willow"

now i feel just as sure as i'm sure as my name isn't "willow tit-willow, tit-willow" that 'twas blighted affection that made him exclaim "oh willow, tit-willow, tit-willow" that if you remain callous and obdurate, I shall perish as he did, and you will know why! (though i probably shall not exclaim as i die...) "oh willow, tit-willow, tit-willow

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