Gigi D'Agostino:Xaero Love(Gigi D'Agostino Remix) Lyrics

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Xaero Love(Gigi D'Agostino Remix)

This song is by Gigi D'Agostino.

I thought you loved me
I thought you'd see me
i Thought you'd let our love be

But i never had any love from you
i never even had one bit
xaero(zero) love from you

you got me qeustioning
why can't i hold you
why can't the old times be real
all the those love i could feel
were u just a cloud
who seem to jus fly by
and rain down on me

xaero love
is what i had gotten from you
you whom i adore so much
you whom had woken me up from my eternal sleep

xaer0 love

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