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Out There

This song is by Giggs.

Im out there i, i, I'm out there
I'm out there i, i, I'm out there
I'm out there, I'm out there
Holla if you got me, Yo I'm out there.

They got me back up on my mad tip
Real nigga shit Slap it in my hand shit
You should back up off the gang shit
(Why?) - One shot will make 'em rap him in a blanket
Niggers ain't never ever ran shit, yeah they rap good, but,

They ain't brang shit,
When I speak motherfuckers understand it,
(Why?) - 'Cause I'm talkin' dat gully nigga language
Talking that "fuck them other man shit"
Get your money up, put that butter in your sandwich. UFFFT!
Nowadays I raise up a couple grand quick
Shows over seas, can you drop a nigga... COMING SOON!

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