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Open Up

This song is by Giggs.

Walked in the party gone and I notice talkin' da hardest on
I got my saucy armanis on
Walked from da bar wid dom
Pereon spens gotta da carty on
Let's get da party strong I notice chicks wanna dance wid donz
Take a quick glance all winding on me for a quick dance
So I sipped on my shit fast 'cause I notice this chick wants a quick glass
OGs in this bitch darr got a nice outfit 'cause I flip darts
Hands all over my zipper my hands all over her big ass
Strolled to whip parr no I ain't a animal but I rip bras
Jumped in my sick car pumping my shit hard
Took her home to my sick yard
This ain't old skool dayz in the lift sharr
She knows I'm the shit darr she knows that my shits suave

Girl I
Give your glory so love
Because your glorys so buff
When I get dat glory so touch
Your whole body goes girl x2

Stepped in the party rep
If you notice these creps took armani steps
Hands crept up versaci dress
Yes the punanis wet

Spens got a pearly neck
And I notice his ring cost a 30 rep
So I quicked on da dirty tec
Slip get a early death
And my stamina is sick
Chicks on top all standin on dis dick
Don't go low I ain't cannabalistic
Chicks behave all anamalistic
So I'm savaging dis bitch
All these hoes and I'm grabbing on dis bitch
All know more
All splashin her lipstick
All these hoes wanna grab on to giggsy

Lets not gwan like dis tunes to slack or anything
'Cause were all adults and we all love sex

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