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​The School Song (Fuck You Too)

This song is by Gifted But Twisted.

I was a young kid, with an attitude
Shoulda got kicked out of my middle school
I was such a dick, I was such a jerk
Never paid attention and I never did my work
Didn't listen got kicked out of class
'Cause I told my English teacher that she smelled like ass
The only thing that mattered everyday
Was getting out at 2 o'clock and getting laid

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa

You say fuck me, I say fuck you too
'Cause I don't have to listen to you
Don't give me no shit, don't hassle me

'Cause my daddy pays your salary

Sixth grade I think my teacher was a crackhead
'Cause he always liked to make kids cry
He was married to the school's gym teacher
She was a woman, but looked like a guy
Eight grade my teacher was the worst
Get a C minus get beaten with a purse
Every word of this is a true story
Come to my town and see it
It's fucked and boring