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​I'm Gonna Kill Santa Claus

This song is by Gifted But Twisted.

I'm gonna kill Santa Claus
I'm gonna kick him in the balls
Cut them off and shove them down his throat
I'm gonna kill that fat ass elf
I'm gonna send him straight to hell
I don't care, he can fuck a goat

Santa gonna be decapitated in his workshop while he's masturbating
All the little kids on Santa Claus lane gonna see his head impaled on a candy cane
Making my list and checkin' it twice and I don't give a shit if he's naughty or nice

Comin' at Santa with a chainsaw, kick down the door and cut his fucking head off

Santa Claus gonna be dead
'Cause I'm gonna cut off his head
Gonna make Santa bleed
Gonna kill Santa Claus on Christmas eve