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As of 01:57, October 17, 2015 (UTC), we could not find reliable evidence that this artist exists.
If you have any evidence (other than the countless other lyric sites who probably copied this from us anyway), please provide a link on the talk page and remove this message by deleting the {{RealityCheck|artist|...}} template.
If the validity of this page cannot be established within a year, it will be deleted.
Do NOT remove this message without providing such evidence!


Other SongsEdit

The songs listed below should be split into albums. Please remove this section once this has been done. (more information)
  1. A Fan Like Annie
  2. Angst
  3. Because Of Me
  4. Blinkered Messenger
  5. Cold
  6. Curdled Dreams And Lullabies
  7. Deeper And Deeper
  8. Demand You
  9. Disown Me
  10. Don't Worry, Ethan (Daddy's Only Looking For His Hand In The Snow)
  11. Eyeliner
  12. Genuinely Make-Believe
  13. I Am The Last Of My Kind
  14. I Will Not Talk
  15. ID Die Without You
  16. It Could Have Been Beautiful
  17. Jesus On His Feet
  18. Johnny
  19. Kangaroo
  20. Lightning To A Stranger
  21. Loneliness (Why Me?)
  22. Melt The Bolt
  23. Merry Eskimo
  24. Mrs Morris
  25. Never Be Strong
  26. Not Enough
  27. Not Everyone
  28. Paper Chasing
  29. Play The Virgin
  30. Shalina
  31. Slander
  32. Something In The Water
  33. Spent Matches
  34. Spider Pie
  35. That Handsome Guy
  36. The Beggar On The Corner
  37. This Bitter Pill
  38. Unblemished
  39. Understated
  40. Whispers Secret Words
  41. Wish
  42. You Cured Me

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