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​What You Deserve

This song is by Gie Few and appears on the album Agrees & Grins (2003).

I know people are right there behind you
But I can't be anymore
I'm not the one who started this game
I'm the one who settled the score

Come pick me up on a Wednesday night
We'll ride out to where the cowboys fight
Paint the town red, blue, & white

I'm in the middle of confrontation
And yeah I'm losing the war
I know your better days are behind you
But I can't be anymore

I wouldn't say it was out of sight
Not bad for a Wednesday night
It was the place that I thought was right

Everything that comes falling down on your world
Is just a few inches shy of what you deserve
I'm not the one who decides what comes down on your world
Don't ask me questions it's a matter of what you deserve