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The Long, Last Goodbye

This song is by Gie Few and appears on the album Carpool Tunnel (2008).

I've got a souvenir you gave me years ago
I may not need it now, then again you never know
Turn back the clock a year, I've come a long, long way
I made my own mistakes, said things you never say

You say you're looking for a love with more behind it
The kind that even death could not defy
Aiming wide, but you were right on target
With that long, last goodbye

I'd give most anything if you took me in again
Give me back my sanity, give me back my old best friend
I miss the weekends here, I miss the weight of your head
Turn back the clock a year & take back the things I said

I missed some details here, you get the gist of it though
I'm sharing secrets, yeah, but yours is the one untold

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