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The Cards Fall

This song is by Gie Few and appears on the album Carpool Tunnel (2008).

I said you can't come up for air
You've burned all of your bridges there
& we're just sinking along with all of the rest
It's not a question of what went wrong
We've just been living the lie too long
& if you keep talking from that side of your mouth
You're gonna lose all of the things you've been kicking around

It's alright
I'll be fine
You go your way & I'll go mine
& I'll learn to live without you when you're gone
I'll just sit as time goes by
Wrapping my head around your lies
Cause that's the way the cards fall from now on

It's a war that's not been won
Until every single song is done
& all the battles just seem to rage on unplanned
I never finished a thought with you
You never gave me the real chance to
But if you just mention my name in one of your dreams
We could bring everything back to the way that it seemed

& you can't tempt me into failure
I've seen the truth behind those pale blue lies
& it's by crook or crank you tell them
But I'm a fool to be your nightmare on the side

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