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Please Be My Love

This song is by Gie Few and appears on the album Carpool Tunnel (2008).

You should have told me you were born to lose
I could have warned you I was in a little trouble
I never looked to see the stone of guilt
You were dragging around
You should have warned me you were cold as hell
That kind of statement just renewed my passion for you
I'm like a magnet for the broken pieces
When the chips fall down

With all these things behind us now, I'm afraid I'm here for good
Another broken, hard-luck soul singing please be my love

You should have told me you were on the pill
That could have saved just a little bit of effort
I'm sure the nightmares haunt you still
But we're in this together
You should have told me not to live up north
Millions of people think they can't be crazy
I like the way they mix the drinks up there
But I can't stand the weather

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