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I Wish I Was A Dam

This song is by Gie Few and appears on the album Carpool Tunnel (2008).

You can need me, if you want to
You can want me, sometimes you're gonna need to
But if you love me, please don't tell me
I'll just open my mouth & foul things up again

I wish I was a dam (instead of a damn fool)
Then I'd be able to hold back
& steady the flow of ignorance that trickles from my lips

Remember last time, everything was roses
You heard it through the grapevine

My heart was in the right place
I must admit, it was, so then what was I thinking of
When I opened my mouth & fouled things up again

So you can be with me, and I'd rather you were here with me
Or you can feel free to find that shelter somewhere else
But just don't pay no mind, and won't it be a big surprise
When I open my mouth & foul things up again

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