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​Force Fed, Fed Up, & Tongue Tied

This song is by Gie Few and appears on the album Agrees & Grins (2003).

You've stood in this very spot before
The second time she said goodbye that night
And though you can't relate, try not to hate all the things you feel inside
For all of the young ones who're moving east
You ain't gonna find yourself out there
And all eyes drain as they board the plane and you shrug off another year
And all the restless singers and hot dog vendors force their trade outside
And you're around again, force fed, fed up, & tongue tied

It was a full-blown Saturday night
How quickly we forget about our past
You hadn't been there in weeks, backbeats and freaks, & old feelings coming up fast
Then she walks into the room
Your stomach muscles fight like green berets
Her eyes so obscene, sing like tambourines as they flash themselves your way

And if you'd take time now to step out of yourself and put aside your American pride
You'd be around again, force fed, fed up, & tongue tied

You and she were of the chosen few,
There was little left to say and less to be done
There was no need to guess, all signs pointed to yes as you rode off into the sun
Along came a storm of bad luck
That washed away everything you thought was right
You held back your cough, watched her take off for her dream of an eastern life
And some unknown unseen came from who knows where and ripped out all you had inside
And you're around again, force fed, fed up, & tongue tied