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Dusty Pittsfield

This song is by Gie Few and appears on the album Agrees & Grins (2003).

Bouncing off the ionosphere & coming down through your single speaker
Amid the stuff only dogs hear, comes the voice of our beloved singer
Singing songs of heartbreak though he's never known it
He comes to grips with his stardom the second the last of the lights goes down

He grew up on 10 acres, outside a town half the size of New Hampshire
Never got his diploma, went straight for the life of seven figures & cashmere
That's the kind of thing that only happens in real life
I only mention it now because it pertains to this here song

All the little girls come rushing in
When Dusty Pittsfield strikes again

In keeping with the tradition, he lived every word that came out through his ink pen
That's a well that's never empty, straight down to paper & straight up the top ten
Only people who knew him would say he was shallow
He was the one they could turn to if ever they needed the right cliche

Only people who knew him would say he was hollow
They never saw him like we did, a star that could shine when the night's long gone

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