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Thin Line Man

This song is by Giant Sand.

I got a blanket on my back
That keeps a wicked wind down to a mild attack
I got a bottle in the sack
That keeps a maniacal mind off the river
That waits below this railroad track

I'm a thin line man now, I just go away
A thin line man, well I just go away
I lay low when I can, I lay low when I can
I lay low I lay low

I hear me a radio song from a long time ago
It helps me to move along
When I don't want to but I know
I got to go

There's a dead town on my mind that holds no mystery
Way back down the line, well that's his story
There's a shallow pond there that hides a shiny gun
Because I had to leave now
They all believe that I'm on the run

They'll string me up and put me down
Say I wouldn't had to hang if I would've hung around
Got me a background no one knows
They'll say that's just the way it goes
For a drifter in this town


Written by:

Howe Gelb

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