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Solomon's Ride

This song is by Giant Sand and appears on the album Center Of The Universe (1992).

Solomon had a barracuda
He rolled it three times
At the bottom of the hill.
He sold me all the good parts
For a lonely one hundred dollar bill
Him and 'Indian' walked away
A haphazard miracle.
He tells me all his visions,
Displayed on a speeding pill pedestal.
Solomon's ride.
Solomon wore a robe once,
No shoes on his feet, carried only
A bowl and spoon
Walked with his friend "Lightening" down
From a Colorado sun to a Guatemalan moon
And he's been to Vietnam
And he's fried way too much back in G9
He says he's a mathematical genius...
He's a long haired biker for God
Friend of mine.
Solomon's ride
He say's he's just a cowboy
But he don't eat no meat
How can you live with the slaughter
And be shocked with the shuffle in the street?
Solomon fell in love by letter...
A brain surgeon he never met out
In the Ukraine.
Gave it all up here and went out to go get her.
Last time I saw him he was making
A run for the plane.
Solomon's ride.

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